Alpha AURA Healing

1) Tell us a little about you & what you do!

Well, up until a few years ago I was just a regular nine-to-fiver that didn’t know any different to what Western society told us life was all about, though I’ve since seen that there’s so much more out there than what we’re taught and shown and that we don’t have to do what everyone else does. So now, although I am still part of that space, I realise I can forge my own path in a different direction, and so I started off by giving readings using oracle cards and trying my hand, so to speak, at energy healing. Although I still do those regularly on lives on Facebook, though I generally do not use the cards any more and just go with what comes through intuitively. I predominantly focus on sound healing now. Shortly after learning about the spiritual realm, I was drawn to investigating about how different frequencies can help with healing, and so over the last few years, I have developed, and continue to develop, a healing frequency system that incorporates the chakras, the aura layers, and all parts and systems of the body, and often infuse these with the frequencies of pretty much anything, with different herbal/plant frequencies being my focus at the moment.

2) When you realized you had abilities, was it hard to adjust to the world around you?

It was at first, as it felt like a completely different world, one which I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be accepted by those closest to me. Though, I needn’t have worried as they were all extremely understanding and just wanted me to be happy, which I was and certainly felt much more “at home” in this new world I was experiencing. It was also challenging due to the fact that I was suddenly aware of everything around me, and was seeing and feeling signs and energies all over the shop, so it was quite overwhelming at first and it took a little while to acclimatise and integrate this new awareness.

3) How has nature helped you personally and helped you with guiding others?

There is a small forest near me, and so I often take a walk there when I feel the need to unwind and just forget about the world for a while. There is a specific tree that I sit in when I go there, and like nothing better than to spend time connecting to it and the nature around me. I’ve also recently started setting my wake up alarm tone as the sounds of the forest, as I find it’s less of a shock when it goes off, though it also makes me want to lay in bed longer just to listen to it!

4) I know you are a huge fan of music. Can you Give us an example of how music can be used to help us in our daily lives?

 Aside from the usual putting on your favourite song, band or genre to lift your mood, I generally find that learning, or at least attempting to learn, to play any part of a song you really like, helps to connect with that song even more, plus I find the learning, just as much as the playing, to be a form of meditation. I learned to play the guitar a few years and so that is my instrument of choice, though it doesn’t have to be a recognised musical instrument, as anything will do, even if it’s just banging away on a bowl using some wooden spoons! 

5) What have you found to be the easiest way to calm the nervous system?

The easiest way for me is to feel the sun on my face, or to put my bare feet on the Earth. Preferably both, but either work, though if the sun isn’t out or I can’t get outside, then what also works is listening to certain healing frequencies, and so I applied what I’m learning about different frequencies and created my own.

6) Are there any specific guides or angels you work with on a daily basis?

No not really, at least not consciously anyway, though every morning when I get up, and also just before I go to bed, I do recite the following: “My heart and mind are in perfect alignment. My hearts desire and my thoughts are one. I am a spiritual being in a physical body. My journey ahead is filled with light. The light of my soul illuminates my path.”

7) A tip to open up the Third Eye?

Aside from the usual advice of meditation, I’d say listen to your body and how it reacts to certain foods. I personally found that when I cleaned up my diet and started being aware of what my body liked and didn’t like, that my intuition and spiritual abilities developed faster.

8) What’s your favorite part about the work that you do?

I can’t deny that it is always nice to hear the positive feedback from people who I’ve either given a reading to, or that have benefitted from any energy healing or the healing frequencies I create, though I don’t do what I do for the purpose of recognition or praise, and so think my favourite part is the constant learning and remembering of wisdom and knowledge.

9) What advice to you have right now Intuitively for anyone reading this?

It seems that in this world in which we currently live, there is a constant stream of information being transmitted into our awareness. We are told what to do, what to think, how to behave, and so my advice would be to not let anyone tell you those things, but always decide for yourself what feels right, and don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

10) How can we find out more about what you do or to book a session?

I am on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Rumble, X, Twitch, and Soundcloud, though the best way to contact me would be via my website,, and this also has links to my other social media accounts previously mentioned.


1)Tell us a little about you & what you do!

First of all, thank you so much, Raven, for having me on your blog! I feel incredibly honored!

Now, for those who don’t know me, my name is Aitor. I’m 30 years old. Origins: half Colombian, half Basque, born in Venezuela, and raised in Spain. I’m currently living in London. I’m an Astrologer and Family/Systemic Constellator.

Before becoming an astrologer, I used to work in fashion and luxury. However, I made the bold decision to leave it all behind in pursuit of my family legacy. Both my father and grandfather were astrologers. When I started working with my first clients, I discovered my unique talent with astrology, which involves generational trauma and uncovering hidden family dynamics within our family and even our family tree.

Despite the invaluable information and perspective that astrology can provide, I wanted to offer my clients something more tangible, something they could take home and ground in their own lives. That’s when I stumbled upon family and systemic constellations, and that’s how I ended up writing this interview hahaha! 

2) What’s a specific example on how Astrology has helped your life?

This has to be one of the toughest questions to answer, mainly because life is filled with so many incredible moments, and picking just one feels a bit unfair. But I’ll do my best.

In December 2021, there was a remarkable alignment: Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, right in my 12th house. It gave me the chance to have a conversation that marked the end of a karmic situation. And, believe it or not, that same week, my ex, whom I hadn’t heard from in months, reached out with an apology.

It could have been easy to fall back into the same old pattern, but witnessing how accurately the stars had foretold this, I knew I had an opportunity that I couldn’t afford to mess up. So, I accepted his invitation. After listening to his heartfelt apologies and his desire for us to be together again, god damn I felt proud of myself. I validated everything he told me, and with more honesty than I’d ever known, I expressed my feelings.

I told him that, yes, I still loved him, and his apology meant a lot to me. However, after months of surrounding myself with the right people, I realised that even though I loved him deeply, we couldn’t be together because our dynamics together. Are just not Healthy at all so he wasn’t the right for me. With a heavy heart, I walked away. He tried to stop me, expressing that he didn’t want to lose me. I replied, ‘But you have to.’ And I turned around, taking those steps away, feeling the immense weight in my chest lift. I was proud of myself because even in that sad moment, I knew I had chosen the right path. I swear, it felt like an ancient, enormous book closing with a resounding slam.

3) What do you enjoy about London & the Spiritual aspect of it?

Gurl, let me tell you about it all! For instance, back in Spain, working as an astrologer, people often think it’s all hocus pocus, and honestly, I don’t blame them. Astrology carries a certain stigma, and the way it’s portrayed on social media doesn’t help much.

On the flip side, here in London, I was amazed when companies started hiring me to work in their offices, resolving problems and enhancing dynamics between employees using astral synastry. It’s all about comparing two astral charts to uncover strengths and weaknesses in relationships, in this specific case in a work environment.

This says a lot about how open-minded this city is. London is incredibly rich in culture, with people from all corners of the world living together, making everything literally available!

4) What’s an obvious Sign that you can tell when meeting someone without them telling you? 

This one is easy to guess. I mean, everyone has the 12 energies available within themselves, and we can use them at any time. If you’re fortunate enough to grow up in an environment where parents, teachers, and adults, in general, allow you to express, play, and freely use these energies, well, you’re off to a good start on your journey.

That being said, Leo energy is super easy to spot. You don’t need to be a Leo to exude this energy (although Leos naturally have more of it). I can easily gauge the health of your Leo energy by observing how you enter a room and interact with people—hahaha, it’s the most straightforward to detect. But I can assess any energy and how you engage with it with just 10 minutes of conversation. After years of doing this, I feel like an astro-scanner—hahaha! Special mention to the magnetic scorpio gaze, I can detect those eyes miles away HAHAHA

5) How do Full Moons effect people & do you have any tips?

The full moon has two layers, at least for me. First, a full moon is essentially the sun in front of the moon. The sun represents consciousness, and the moon symbolises the unconscious. Physically, the sun provides the light, and the moon receives it. Full moons are moments when the unconscious is revealed. This is why people often have trouble sleeping during this time, as something wants to naturally surface from the depths of our minds. However, because it often involves a realisation, a change, or facing an uncomfortable truth, people resist it, and this resistance creates friction, leading to the stress you feel in the week of the full moon.

Since I’ve learned this, I check where the full moon will occur in my astral chart and see how it connects with my natal planets and transits. It’s like having a conversation with the stars. They show me something about myself. I choose how to handle it, but once you see it, you can’t pretend it didn’t happen- hahaha.

The second layer of a full moon is to celebrate manifestations that you initiated six months ago with the new moon in the current sign.

6) If we are wanting to Travel, can Astrology help us in anyway when planning?

Absolutely! You just need to show me your astral chart, and depending on the type of trip you’re planning—whether it’s for a weekend, a week, or even months, and whether it’s for fun, work, or spirituality. Do you want to travel alone, with a partner, or in a group? When do you want to travel? I can assess the available energy by checking your astral chart, transits, progressions, and even your solar revolution and make the most of t! :)

What’s more, I saw in my solar revolution that I had a fantastic opportunity back in 2022 to embark on a spiritual journey in a group. When Egypt called my name, I knew it was meant to be. That trip changed my life! 

7) Who’s your favorite Astrologer and why?

My favourite astrologer is also one of my mentors, Mia Astral. I can’t help but see myself reflected in her. Hahaha, I’m sorry, but she’s also Venezuelan like me. When she speaks, it feels like home. She emigrated to the USA and she is the perfect example of how not to let a couple of books define you or your life. She has the south node in conjunction with her sun, and whatever you read in astrology books about that kind of aspect is never beautiful. Through her personal experience, she has brought new meanings and definitions to what you can truly do with the karmic nodes in your astral chart and how they work on a deeper, personal, and global level. She build a platform with nearly 3M followers. And of course she’s also a lot of fun hahahaha 

8) There has been so much talk about Aliens in the news lately. How does this relate to astrology?

In my videos, I often emphasise that while I am an astrologer, I do not allow astrology to define or control me. Instead, I choose to observe, practice, and share my knowledge. With that being said, let’s delve into the astrological aspects at play. Uranus, a planet associated with the unconventional, plot twist, what comes from the stars and and outside-the-box elements, is currently transiting through Taurus, which is traditionally linked to our planet Earth, money, stability etc. This transit allows Uranus to interact with the seeds left behind by the north node in 2021 and 2022, symbolising new destinies and possibilities. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Jupiter, known for its amplifying effects, enters the picture. When Jupiter and Uranus come closer to each other, typically within a 10-degree separation, it is considered a conjunction in classical astrology. The week this alignment started I observed the sparked discussions and speculations about extraterrestrial phenomena. While I cannot predict the exact outcome, I am genuinely intrigued to witness how this conjunction unfolds in April-May 2024. It has the potential to leave a lasting impact on a global scale, and we may remember it for years to come.

9) Do you have any tips for Rituals for New Moons?

For new moons, I always recommend two things: first, check the specific area of your astrological chart where it will occur. Then, reflect on the corresponding area of your life and consider what you would like to see flourish in the next six months. Keep it simple with just one word, and contemplate how you can incorporate that goal into your daily routine through small steps that bring you closer to achieving it. Set intentions, plan the most clear and easy the better the results :)

10) Where can we find out more about you & do you have any classes coming up? 

You can follow me on my Instagram @AitorSolaeche. By the way, I always share some wisdom every Wednesday, and you’re welcome to send me a DM for any inquiries.

If you happen to be in London, you can join my free Astrology workshop in Holborn every Wednesday night.

Also, feel free to visit my website where you can find all the information about what I do and contact me for any other inquiries.

MaMa’s Cottage Mushrooms

1) Tell us a little about you & what you do!

Hey! Matty here. I’ve lead a pretty colorful life so far, always been creative and liked to see and make others smile and happy. Travelled a lot of the world and had some amazing experiences along the way. Me & Kate created Mama’s Cottage Mushrooms just 6 months after coming together ourselves only a few months before. We love working with nature and universal energies to help others with out tinctures, herb blends, elixirs, potions and anything else a bit different that comes to us!

2) Biggest lesson Mother Nature has taught you?

To trust her and she will always be there for you and to be respectful of the medicine she provides. 

3) Do you use a specific intention or prayer before using Cacao?

I find intention is very important with all plant medicine, if you don’t ask the question how can you expect to get an answer. Intention with Cacao varies depending on setting how I’m choosing to use the medicine at that specific time. We attend a Cacao club regularly where my intentions are about release and enjoyment. On a personal cacao journey, I focus on internal healing on both a spiritual and physical level.

4) What’s your favorite current herb to work with & why?

That’s a very challenging question to answer…over the last couple of years I would say passionflower. It has amazing calming peaceful qualities as a tea, and it synergies very well with other herbs such as skullcap, mugwort, damiana, mullein, and lapacho.

5) I know you have a Blue Lotus oil. Can you tell us about it?

This one is Kates amazing creation. Blue Lotus has been a part of what we do from the start. Kate has infused the Blue Lotus into Mourning seed oil which has it’s own great skin benefits. A lot of blessing, intention, numerology and sacred geometry have gone into making it. We are very much aware of how all this affects the energies end product. 

6) What was your first experience using the power of mushrooms?

Recreationally, during the rave scene era and involved lots of amazing colours, smiles and laughter!!

Healing and health wise, they have helped me treat rosacea. I spent years trying to treat it in countless ways. The biggest impact I’ve seen recently has been the impact the chaga mushrooms has had on my mom and dads health. It’s amazing to make something that helps so much. 

7) What’s your favorite part about doing events & markets?

When someone comes back to us to say thank you. We are both healers so this closes the circle for us. 

8) What are you looking forward to this summer?

Just being out there at a different place every week, different faces, people & walks of life. 

9) Have you had any experiences with Blue Lotus & Dreams.

I’d say our first experience together with it. We brewed up 12g in the pan to make a tea. 20min after drinking we were both off in our own little dream land for a good hour.

10) How can we find out more about you? 

*Fun Fact- I met this lovely couple in a town called Church Strutton in England. They actually found one of the cards I placed there. They ended finding a card called “Magic.” ;) 

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